Mike Eley Speaks to British Cinematographer about working with Ralph Fiennes and their new film The White Crow

Having previously worked with the Oscar-nominated actor on Nanny McPhee Returns (2010), cinematographer Mike Eley (Woman Walks Ahead) BSC reunites with Fiennes to lens the StudioCanal, BBC Films and HanWay Films production that shot in France, Russia, Croatia and Serbia.

A particular movie directed by Martin Scorsese and staring Robert De Niro served as an initial inspiration for camera style of the dance sequences. “I suggested to Ralph about shooting it like Raging Bull where you’re in the ring and can see the sweat coming off of the boxers. It’s visceral and real. The camera was onstage and I was trying to keep up with a ballet dancer; that was a challenge. Ultimately, we found that when you’re shooting dance you want to see the entire body of the dancer and that means setting back and showing them on the stage.”

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