Congratulations to Sean Bobbitt, one of Collider’s Best Cinematographers of 2018

Sandra Marsh & Associates congratulates

Sean Bobbitt on being named one of

Collider’s Best Cinematographers of 2018!

“Widows is a very different kind of film for director Steve McQueen, and yet his carefully considered shot composition and movement with longtime cinematographer Sean Bobbitt remains intact in what amounts to their first popcorn movie. Every frame is dripping with meaning, and as McQueen places his characters in specific positions within the space, Bobbitt frames it all up so the metaphor is potent. And of course it wouldn’t be a McQueen/Bobbitt joint without a couple of long takes, and here we get one of the most striking of their career, as Bobbitt mounts the camera on the hood of Colin Farrell’s car and the wealth disparity within mere blocks of Chicago becomes abundantly clear.”

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